We produce, co-produce or provide consultation for event planners in the Puget Sound. Our media team has 100k followers.




Washington Events Commission
The​​ Washington Events Commission produces, co-produces, plans and manages public events.  
We are a professional planning company having planned and managed many events thoughout the Puget Sound.  
We also promote and advise other events that we feel are beneficial to the community with our media company.
Finally, we can assist in gathering sponsors to ensure your event's success. 
We manage an average of 10 events per year.
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Event News
The Puget Sound is a Vibrant Place - Enjoy it!
What's Next?
Tacoma Freedom Fair 2019
Washington State's Largest One Day Event
Get leads that should last you the rest of the year
* Offer a good prize in exchange for their contact informatio
*Email Addresses
*Cell Phone Number
*Hand out your business card - tell them to put it in their back pocket now for safe keeping.  
Get your booth space.  Get your booth space.  Get your booth space.
Additional Services
You want your event to be successful.  How do you do it.  Word of mouth is limited.  Social Media is the craze but algorithms within some social media sites do not allow everyone to see your event, especially those whom you want to know.  We have over 7 platforms to ensure that your event is seen by many throughout the Puget Sound.   
Social Media
Advertising your event is key to your event's success.  Our access to 100,000 local social media fans ensures that your event is able to be seen by many.  Other event companies do not have platforms to advertise and thus rely on paid advertising to others whose sales staff are looking for sales, not promoting your event.  We go above and beyond to continually reach out.
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Marketing Products
What marketing materials do you need for your event?

  • Banners
  • Custom Shirts
  • Pens
  • Hats
  • Booth
  • Custom Table Cloth

We can do it!  Call us now.  360-545-3874
Sales help
You are setting up a booth and are ready to meet your potential clients.  How are you capturing their contact info?  We provide an easy to use kiosk that you capture their info and when you return to the nearest wifi location, it uploads to your database. Best of all, the price is affordable for anyone!

  • Send text messages to keep them updated of your specials
  • Text message them of your locations so they know where to find you next.  

Call us now.  360-545-3874
Our goal?  
To make you successful!
If you aren't successful, then we are not as well.  We establish business relationships that quickly also turn into friendships.  

Let's Start Now

Contact Ranger Dave right away.  360-545-3874
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.
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OUR MEDIA PARTNERS - Your event is advertised!